1. How to wear a Hanbok?

Basically you will wear your Hanbok over your clothes. so you don't need changing room to wear it. When you visit our shop, we will teach you how to wear the Hanbok and how to tie the Hanbok's ribbon.

2. What should I wear before Hanbok Rental? (Summer)

Recommended - Short sleeve tops, Bright color tops, Thin material tops Avoid - High neck tops, Dark color tops

3. What should I wear before Hanbok Rental? (Winter)

Recommended - Thick T-shirt, Many layers of T-shirt Avoid - Turtle neck tops, High neck tops, Thick Sweater

4. Do you provide Make-up or Hair-styling services?

Although we don't provide Make-up or Hair-styling services. we provide free female Hair accessories as well as necessities for hair-styling such as hair curler, bobby pins and hair bands. Nonetheless, we recommend that you prepare your hair in advance. Here are some tutorials for your Self Hair-styling Hanbok Updo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OztR0ZsC2f4#t=137 Easy Lowtail Hairdo - http://youtu.be/5I_b5tvcvd4?list=PLRwFZ692-57C-lf0V0ZDpLVJtadHmSfNM

6. Do you have any off-days?

We don't have any day-offs. However, in cases of a special occasion, we will provide prior notice on both our website and facebook page at least 2 weeks in advance.

7. Can I buy the Hanbok that I’ve wore?

Unfortunately, We don't sell any of our Hanboks. Nonetheless if you are looking one, we suggest that you visit around Gwangjang market area.

5. Can I rent Hanbok for Rainy or Snowy day?

Yes, You can rent Hanbok even for rainy or snowy day. However for female Hanboks. we will make your skirt shorter than usual to avoid the possibility of staining the Hanbok.